About Us

Located in Prince Edward Island, a breathtaking destination, 25 Degree Shoes is the place for beach fashion footwear and accessories at accessible prices. We offer a fantastic assortment of beach fashion that are instantly accessible and fulfill a broad range of comfort and style needs. 

Starting with our store’s name, we aim to provide the best collections for beach fashion. 25 Degree Celsius is when the weather is getting a little bit hotter, the sun is shining brighter, and summer is around the corner. In short, perfect weather to have a wonderful beach time! With that thought in mind, our selection is updated regularly with all the latest new arrivals including sandals, slippers, bikinis, and other accessories.

Style, comfort and quality are the focus of 25 Degree Shoes. We know that if you don’t take care of your feet then your whole body suffers. Top-quality styles that are crafted with support, style and exquisite materials. 

Rest assured that when you purchase a pair of shoes from 25 Degree Shoes, you are buying the very best quality and comfort money can buy.

Start shopping with us and get ready for your trip to the beach in any minute!